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Ha felnőtt vagy, és szeretnéd, hogy az ilyen tartalmakhoz kiskorú ne férhessen hozzá, használj szűrőprogramot.

A belépéssel elfogadod a felnőtt tartalmakat közvetítő blogok megtekintési szabályait is.

Ismét lesz több twitterbomb. Amennyiben segítene valaki benne (minden vaper érdekében történik) és igény van rá, akkor készítek magyar leírást, hogy miket kell tenni!

COP-6: Twitterbombs and Thunderclaps

The idea is to get LOUD again. Obviously, we've been quiet for too long already.... that needs to be changed, and the upcoming COP6 event is a wonderful opportunity for us to make our voices heard again once more!

This time, we want the event to be worldwide -- as far as possible given all the different time zones ..... but we can always try, and only in *not trying* lies any defeat! :)

That said, here's the idea(s):

We will start twitter bombs on the 4 sunday evenings preceding the COP6 ... with the last sunday also being identical with the eve of the conference beginning.

As long as COP-6 has not started yet, we set the time to 21.30h Central European (summer) Time, which is 8.30 pm in the UK, 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (NYC, East Coast) and 12:30 (pm) Pacific Standard Time (L.A., Vancouver etc.) ...... I still need to look up the times for Australia and also will try to contact Australian vapers to join us simultaneously .... using twuffer.com/ to get their tweets out at the right time of day.

DURING the COP6 days we obviously have to adjust to Moscow time zone which is 2 hours ahead of CEsT and 3 hours ahead of GMsT. The first day will be Monday, 13th October ... and the last day will be Saturday, 18th October. For these days, we haven't made a final decision yet about the time of day when we want our tweets to appear. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page (link below).

For THESE 5 DAYS we will also prepare some Thunderclaps as a support for our live tweets. (They will still have to be created.) ... And I do hope that you all agree, that we will use our letter(s) to Chan on our website as the backlink ... (For those who don't know or don't remember: A thunderclap can be started for a CAUSE and therefore must be linked to a website which describes the cause. Hopefully, we will get out our second WHO letter within the next few days, so that we can link our Thunderclaps to this most recent letter!) :)


About the hashtags to use we are looking for highly original ones ... ones which have not been used before so we hopefully can get into the trends like we did last winter once in a while....

ONE tag is mandatory: #COP6 --- however we also need ppl to watch if and what WHO would use -- maybe they would write it like this ->COP-6 ... and if this is the case, we will OF COURSE use THEIR spelling.

The idea is to get OUR messages smuggled into theirs -- which is even more important than trending! :)

First Twitter Sunday will be September 21st, last Twitter Sunday is October 12th.

Elva Pote has already created a Facebook page and also started the event pages already (but isn't happy with the contents yet, therefore we haven't started promoting it big style on FB .. but that should start soon). Here's the link to our COP6-TB site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/COP6-TB/262722890588314?fref=ts

ANY HELP is WELCOME - be it creative or in logistics/planning!!! So far, Elva Pote and I have been doing the whole job alone....

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